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Magical Etudes for Saxophone Fingerings / Ryota Ishikawa, Masaki Tadenuma [Etudes Book]

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Composer:Ryota Ishikawa
Supervisor:Masaki Tadenuma
Duration:Music collection section: approx. 7'15"


Publisher: Lyricism
Distributor:Golden Hearts Publications / ONSA

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The collection of saxophone fingering etudes, created by Masaki Tadenuma(Saxophonist) and Ryota Ishikawa(Composer).
This etudes provide concise training on how to use alternate fingers, including trill keys, and how to select the appropriate fingering. We are providing karaoke videos of six unique etudes composed by Ishikawa on YouTube (*for Eb Saxophones). That will let you enjoy the sessions as if you were playing a game, and allow you to improve while having fun, with "magical" feelings!

Saxophone (solo)