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About Us

Golden Hearts Publications is a music publishing company which was founded in July 2017 in Hiroshima, Japan by ONSA. ONSA also owns a music retail store, as well as an information site primarily for concert band.

The owner of ONSA, Shuhei Umemoto received an inquiry from the Belgian composer, Dietrich Van Akelyen who was searching for Japanese publishers that could provide his music to Japanese concert bands. In the past and up to that point, the Japanese concert band market was very domestically centered, catering primarily to Japanese composers.
We thought that it would be difficult to find a publisher that would be willing to introduce, promote and sell his music to Japanese concert bands and lead Van Akelyen to success in Japan. It was for that reason that we decided to publish and promote his great music to the Japanese market.
ONSA has several missions.
One of the most important missions is "Remove the border between countries and create a unified world for concert band".
Because many Japanese people are not familiar or comfortable with English, it is difficult for composers like Van Akelyen, who are from outside of Japan, to promote their own self-published music. Golden Hearts Publications started its publishing business as a "music agent" in Japan for Mr. Van Akelyen. We also decided to promote and publish other great composers' music, whom ONSA got to know through its other business, "the Wind Band Press", which provides rich information about concert bands.
To create a "unified world" in this industry, it is nessesary to introduce the worldwide market to Japan, which has had a very isolated view. We think that any music composer can succeed internationally. We have a contract with Japanese arranger Louis Kihara, whose high quality music arrangements are performed all over the world, as well as contracts with Man-Chin Donald Yu from Hong Kong, Ssu-Yu Huang from Taiwan and many other great composers and arrangers.
We are proud to announce the launch of Golden Hearts Publications first ever global store. We believe that our global store will become a gateway to the world of music, and eventually help Japanese composers to broaden their view internationally. We are constantly expanding our library of high quality music scores by excellent composers and arrangers, so be sure to check back frequently!
We welcome you to visit our global store. We are looking forward to sharing the delightful experience of a unified world of music with you.

Shuhei Umemoto
President and owner of ONSA
November, 2018