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Noriko Tsukagoshi

Noriko Tsukagoshi is an acclaimed Japanese marimbist that has earned accolades in concert halls and competitions around the world. Noriko has won or placed in many major international marimba competitions including the 8th Japanese Classical Music Competition, the 2nd International Marimba Competition in Belgium, the 4th World Marimba Competition in Shanghai, the 2nd International Marimba Competition in Paris and the Japanese PAS Percussion Solo Competition. She is an active performer and has performed extensively in Japan as well as Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, United Kingdom Argentina and the United States.

Noriko was also selected by virtuoso marimbist Keiko Abe as the “best player” at the 2002 Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy and Festival.

Noriko graduated with honors from Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo in 2006, and performed for the Japanese Imperial Family in the Imperial Palace. She earned a Graduate Artist Certificate from the University of North Texas in 2010.

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