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The Blue Aurora Saxophone Quartet

Revolutionary of the sax world, saxophone quartet, which was formed by lifting the plains KoTakashi is full. The group name is derived from the "Blue Aurora for Toshi Toshi" work of Toru Takemitsu. After the Paris National Conservatory graduate, played a brilliant Japanese debut in the configuration has been unique in the album "Millennium" (2000) only in contemporary works and improvisation, has attracted the attention of various fields in the production of subsequent various planning plain KoTakashi. In carrying out the play activities centered on solo activities, the plains gradually began to feel attracted to the sound of the same instrument with each other gathered as a member Upon realizing the quartet formation is, are each recognized personality and talent, also the same musical It was also a fellow can share a oriented. 2011, released a debut CD "First Blue". The same year CD release commemorative tour that went to the autumn enjoyed a sensational success, so far a total of three of the CD has been released. 2015, 16 years, in 18 years, has become a hot topic a successful vivid collaborative project with France's highest peak "Habanera saxophone quartet".

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