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Shoichiro Hokazono

Born in Kagoshima, Japan in 1969.
Graduated from Tokyo Shobi Conservatory (Current Shobi Music College) diploma course in 1994.

Sutudied Euphonium under Toru Miura, Kaoru Tsuyuki and Steven Mead.

Won the first and grand prizes at the Ninth Japan Wind and Percussion Competition in 1992.
"Euphonium player of the year" at British Tuba and Euphonium Conference, also first prize in Euphonium Section at Philip Jones Brass Concour (France) in 1997.

Hokazono has performed with NHK Symphony  Orchestra,  Tokyo Symphony Orchestra,  Yomiuri Nippon  Symphony  Orchestra,  Tokyo Kosei  Wind Orchestra,  Osaka City  Orchestra,  Osaka  Philharmonic  Orchestra,  Kyushu  Symphony  Orchestra,  Sapporo  Symphony Orchestra,  Central  Aichi  Symphony  Orchestra,  Nagoya  Philharmonic  Orchestra, Strasbourg  Orchestra,  amongst many others. Performed as soloist in numerous concerts during his days as a member of the Japan Air Self-Defence Force Central Band.

In March 2013, left the Japan Air Self-defence Force Central Band.
Since,became more active in his career as soloist and has appeared in various solo recitals as well as heading up ensemble units such as The Tuba Band, Brass Hexagon and also started a duo called "World Heritage" with the tuba playwe Shimpei Tsugita in 2013 and a duo with the percussion player Tomohiro Nishikubo in 2015.

Numerous original works for euphonium in the highest quality have been written for Hokazono and his attitude of exploring ner possicilities of the instrument is highly praised.

Currently, Hokazono is Professor at Tokyo College of Music, Instructor at Elisabeth School of Music, visiting professor at Showa University of Music, and special instructor at Soai University.
House instructor at Buffet Crampon Japan.