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Our Specialty

Golden Hearts Publications' Specialty

We presume that you have seen and used many music scores as a conductor. Have you ever thought about how much of a dramatic difference the material of the paper makes on performance? We would like to introduce you to our special paper for music sheets and especially full scores. We have selected the best paper based on the viewpoints of conductors and band leaders like you.

Golden Hearts Publications is committed to producing concert band music scores with the following features:

【1】Reducing the reflection of light so that it is easier to read the score

【2】Increased size of the score so that it is easier to read

【3】Binding the score pages with ring bindings



【1】Reducing the reflection of light so that it is easier to read the score

Reflection of light in a music room or on stage can bother a conductor's concentration.
We searched for a solution for this and found a special paper called "Biotope", a less-reflective and less eye-straining type of paper. In Japan printing companies seldom use this excellent type of paper for music sheets and scores.
Biotope is strong and has the feel of firm craft paper. We selected the natural white color which is easy on the eyes.

Here is an example of Biotope paper.
The white paper in the background is standard white paper for comparison.

By using this special paper, you will come to realize the reduction of reflection and its gentleness on your eyes. Your eyes will feel less tired and you will find that you can concentrate more on the score than with one which is made of normal paper. Tired eyes can cause the feeling of physical tiredness on various other parts of the body, so using our scores which feature Biotope paper would rise your performance more than if you used others!


We use a mat post on the front cover of score.
The white paper in the background is standard white paper for comparison.


【2】Increased size of the score so that it is easier to read

It is often said that the standard size of Japanese music scores (especially for sales scores) is A4.
We have heard that some conductors have had to copy the A4 score and convert to B4 or A3 since it is too small and too difficult to read a concert band score in A4 size.

Music sheets and score are protected by copyright. Copying them for a performance should follow the copyright laws in each countries, which often requires the permission of the music copyright management organization of that country. We print our score in A3 size for concert bands specifically so that it is large enough to read easily.


【3】Binding the score pages with ring bindings

Ring binding is the best binding method for music score since conductors often place it open at 180 degrees on the conductor board.
In Japan, there are few printing companies that can make ring binding for A3 size.
If the binding is not so professional or the company is not experienced at ring binding, some problems such overlap may happen when pages are turned. We examined several printing companies very closely and chose the best one.

Here is a close-up shot of the ring binding.
Ring binding uses two A4 specification rings. There is enough space in the hole position that it prevents papers from overlapping when pages are turned.


In order to realize those features, we devoted our time to finding the best printing company.
We negotiated with over 100 Japanese printing and bookbinding companies throughout Japan and conducted many trials. Finally we found an excellent printing company which can make them for us.


※For Ensemble music and Solo music scores, we use fine color paper, not Biotope.


★Recommendation of our score with Biotope from Conductor Tomohiro Okada

Recently most of concert band's scores have many stages, so I have troubles to read detailed notes on it and my eyes tend to get tired very easily.
However Golden Hearts Publications' score is A3 size and enough big and easy to read. And I don't feel much reflection of the light because it is made of special paper, Biotope.

As a conductor who gains music information from papers, the very important points are "easy to see", "easy to turn" and "easy to write on". Their score using Biotope paper makes these points become reality without any problems.
The appearance of their score is luxurious, too. I would like to suggest each band to purchase their scores and keep them nicely as one of the band's important properties for a long time. I can say that "having a commitment to music" is how to choose and use music scores as well as performing them.
I highly recommend you to feel the "commitment to music" with your own eyes and fingers!