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Misato Hanawa

She is a Solo concert saxophonist that has single-mindedness and the passion with a high technique.

She Conferred “Maeda memory scholarship”and went to France.

She won the 1st prize at U.F.A.M international competition chamber music section with all judges unanimous. (France)

And also she won the judge special prize.

1st prize at Leopold Bellan international competition.

Diplome at The eighth Padova international music competition (Italy)

And winning a lot of prize in overseas various competition.

She Graduate Conservatoire Cergy Pontoise’s saxophone department and chamber music department with the best results.

Graduated Conservatoire Cambrais at the top with praise of the judge unanimous agreement.

Learn at Conservatoire Mourice Ravel.

She was an assistant of Julien petit who is the professor of Conservatoire Cambrais.

She studied saxophone under Hiroshi Hara,Jean-Yves Fourmeau,Julien petit,Christian Wirth, Béatrice reibel , Vincent David and Vincent Lucas that is the first flute soloist at the “Orchestre de Paris”.


Hanawa’s musical curiosity doesn’t run out,and the repertory is really wide from the baroque to the present age.

She blows on a flute sonata of Prokofiev and a concerto of Khachaturian with a saxophone freely and puts strong interest in the work of the Russian composer.

She is even eager in chamber music and concentrate power on the introduction of the new work of the modern composer and the unknown work.

The domestic and foreign recitals let the full halls spring out by the unique gorgeous tone and original musicality.

The repertory she owns are immeasurable.

Depth of her musicality, fresh interpretation and elegance, the presence on the charismatic stage attracts people.


Misato performed Concerto of J.Ibert with Japan Century Symphony Orchestra in Osaka the symphony hall with conductor Shigeo Genda.

And also performed Introduction et Rondo Capricioso of Saint=Saens at Wiener Musikverein where the base of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Appearance on”La Folle Journée au JAPON”

NHK’s FM radio” Recital•Nova”and other TV, newspaper, Radio media.

And she’s a musician of Selmer•Paris and Vandoren•Paris.

Her own made concert which has a originality theme but she doesn’t only perform it in japan.

She even performs in Europe,America and Asia.


In 2014, she released a debut album from Octavia Records “Hommage a Edith Piaf”

and in 2018,she released her Second album”Rondo Capriccioso”

(In each album, world first recording pieces are recorded)

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