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Our sheet music and scores (Published by the Golden Hearts Publications) are print-on-demand. Orders, on average, require roughly 3-7 business days to process and print. Products from other companies will arrive at us in a few days. After which they will be shipped from Hiroshima City, Japan, via Air (airmail, air service).

*Currently, due to COVID-19, we are unable to ship from Japan Post (Air mail) to some countries (Japan Post has stopped accepting packages).

Delivery time to each region

*Items that require special time for customs clearance or where the destination is a remote location may differ from the number of days. The numbers written in this page are the “standard days” required for delivery, and do not guarantee the delivery days themselves. Additional days will be required if Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are included in the period of acceptance, transportation, and delivery, or if an aircraft is delayed or canceled.

*For most items, we do not have stock. Labels and publishers other than Golden Hearts Publications will be ordered from each company after receiving your order. The number of days required for arrival at our store is as described on each product page. As soon as the goods arrive, they will be shipped immediately (Excluding Saturdays and holidays).

*Delivery will be from Japan Post or Yamato Transport & UPS.

*Currently, due to COVID-19, we are unable to ship from Japan Post (Air mail) to some countries (Japan Post has stopped accepting packages).


India: 6
Indonesia: 6
Vietnam: 11
Korea: 7
Singapore: 3
Sri Lanka: 7
Thailand: 5
Taiwan: 4
China-Shanghai: 8
China-Beijing: 7
China-Hong Kong: 5
Pakistan: 9
Bangladesh: 8
Philippines: 7
Malaysia: 7


Australia: 7
New Zealand: 6

North America

Canada-Vancouver: 6
Canada-Montreal: 8
US-San Francisco: 10
US-Chicago: 6
US-New York: 10
US-Los Angeles: 6

Middle East

Iran: 10
Saudi Arabia: 10
Turkey: 12


Italy: 6
UK: 5
Austria: 7
Netherlands: 5
Switzerland: 6
Sweden: 5
Denmark: 5
Germany: 6
Hungary: 7
Finland: 4
France: 6
Belgium: 6
Poland: 6
Russia: 10
Spain (*): 8
* If the total price of items and postage exceeds 22 euros, customs clearance in Spain may take more than 2 weeks.


Egypt: 9
Ghana: 8

South America

Argentina: 8
Brazil: 7
Peru: 6


About packing

The materials used for packing are as follows.

For 1 CD: Air packing envelope

For two or more CDs: Air packing + Letter case

For sheet music:  Letter case or air packing envelope