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[PDF] Sai-Ma (Horse Racing) / Hai-huai Huang arr. Ryota Ishikawa [Alto Saxophone & Piano]

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Composer:Hai-huai Huang
Arranger:Ryota Ishikawa
Duration:approx. 3 min. 30 sec.


Publisher: Lyricism
Distributor:Golden Hearts Publications / ONSA

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This score is a relatively free handling and gorgeous arrangement of a fast-paced piece by erhu player Hai-huai Huang. The arrangement was commissioned by the Geigeki Wind Orchestra Academy in 2021, and was dedicated to Mr. Shi-shuo CUI, a member of the academy.

Sai-Ma means horse race. The original composer himself has left a performance of this piece, and the score is in good shape. Therefore, this piece had been played on saxophone before I arranged it. In creating this new version, I was conscious of adding original elements to make the music fresh and more dramatic.

The intro section up to D is a creative work using motifs from the piece. The progression is the same as the original until just before H, but the chords that were originally sustained have been moved to give a slightly more emotional impression. The section from H to K is a development section that does not exist in the original piece, and was inserted with the intention of creating a mental expanse before the linear buildup to the finale. The coda after the "L" is extended in scale, and the piece closes with a modulation to g-moll when it should have ended in d-moll. This change is a double-edged sword in that it increases the difficulty of the flageolet technique...but whichever notes you choose, be sure to win the hearts of the audience with your high-tension performance!

Last but not least, as usual, I placed many notes in the piano part. This is not an accompaniment part, but a co-starring part! So, I know it is a lot of work, but I would like you to stand out as much as you can.

(Ryota Ishikawa)

Alto Saxophone and Piano