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Theme and 3 Variations on "Aizu Bandaisan" / Ryota Ishikawa [Saxophone Quartet] [Score and Parts]

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Composer:Ryota Ishikawa


Publisher: Lyricism
Distributor:Golden Hearts Publications / ONSA

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This original work for saxophone quartet was based on famous Japanese folk song "Aizu Bandaisan" and was commissioned and premiered in 2021 by the "Aizu Saxophone Project" led by Masaya YAMAURA andKarin SUWA, who are both from this area. Aizu region is located in the western part of Fukushima Pref.and Bandaisan (Mt. Bandai) is the symbolic mountain of the region.

Many of my works are labeled "Fantasy", but this one is a "Variation". I intentionally made this piece less story-like than before, so that it can be played with expressing fundamental energy and emotion.

Aizu Bandaisan also appears in my "Rhapsody on Japanese Folk Songs" and "Tohoku Folk Song Medley (Saxofox series)". Of course, all the arrangements are different, so I hope you will also enjoy the differences between them.

(Ryota Ishikawa)

Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone