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Ghibli Songs for Horn Ensemble [Horn Ensemble] [Book]

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This is a collection of 23 popular songs from Studio Ghibli's works, arranged for a duet, trio, and quartet. The arrangements are designed to be played by the same type of instruments in the same key and are considerably flexible, allowing the trio to play as a duet and the quartet as a trio. Please refer to the guide in the score if full members are not available. Many of the pieces are arranged for beginners, so they can be enjoyed by anyone who has just picked up an instrument.

1. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - Opening Theme-; 2. Carrying You; 3. Doves and the Boy; 4. My Neighbor Totoro; 5. Hey Let's Go; 6. Cat Bus; 7. The Path of the Wind; 8. A Town with an Ocean View; 9. Starting the Job; 10. On a Clear Day; 11. Le Temps des cerises(The Time of Cherries); 12. The Theme of Marco and Gina; 13. Princess Mononoke Medley; 14. Always with Me; 15. Reprise; 16. Day of the River; 17. Merry-Go-Round of Life; 18. Therru's Song; 19. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea; 20. Arrietty’s Song; 21. Summer of Farewells - From Up On Poppy Hill; 22. Hikoki-Gumo(Contrail); 23. When I Remember This Life