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Anime Themes for Trombone Ensemble [Trombone Ensemble] [Book]

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This is a collection of 20 popular theme songs from Japanese anime, such as "Neon Genesis Evangelion," "Space Battleship Yamato," "Galaxy Express 999," and "Mobile Suit Gundam," arranged for a duet, trio, and quartet. The arrangements are considerably flexible, allowing the trio to play as a duet and the quartet as a trio. Please refer to the guide in the score if full members are not available. Many of the pieces are arranged for beginners, so they can be enjoyed by anyone who has just picked up an instrument.
?号的二重奏、三重奏、四重奏而?配的20首?漫歌曲。1. Theme of Lupin the III; 2. A Cruel Angel's Thesis; 3. Detective Conan Main Theme; 4. Zen zen zen se;5. Full power BatanQ; 6. Lion; 7. Make My Dream Come Ture, Doraemon; 8. secret base - What You've Given -; 9. We Are!; 10. Moonlight Legend; 11. Dancing Ponpokorin; 12. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA; 13. The Space Battleship Yamato; 14. Galaxy Express 999 Medley; 15. My first Kiss; 16. Touch; 17. Courage 100%; 18. Fly! GUMDOM; 19. GeGeGe no Kitaro; 20. Lucky Humans
1. ?邦三世主?曲; 2. 残酷天使的行???; 3. 名?探柯南主?曲; 4. 前前前世(?影版); 5. Full power BatanQ; 6. ?子; 7. ??梦想的??A梦; 8. 秘密基地 -??我的所有 -; 9. We Are!; 10. 月光??; 11. ?桃小丸子主?曲; 12. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA; 13. 宇宙??大和号; 14. ?河?道999?曲; 15. 初吻; 16. 触?; 17. 勇气100%; 18. ?翔?,高?!; 19. 咯咯咯的鬼太郎; 20. Lucky Humans