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MOZART MEMORIES / W. A. Mozart (arr. Picarband) [Brass Quartet]

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Score and Parts

W. A. Mozart
arranged by Picarband


Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:color fine paper for score

Program notes:

"MOZART MEMORIES" is a melodic collection which refers to the youth cantata K. 20 and the cantata K 477, a composition of Mozart's maturity.

The various instrumental combinations allow this music to be performed in a pleasant way (the so-called Mozart effect with "magical powers"): an instrumental activity that positively affects the well-being of both performers and listeners.

Performing the easy melodies and beautiful harmonic results of "MOZART MEMORIES" makes us human beings more able to be comfortable in society and with ourselves.


Reference music

Trumpet Bb1 or Trombone 1
Trumpet Bb2 or Trombone 2
Euph.1 or Horn F 1
Euph. 2 or Bass Trombone or Tuba