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Suite for two / Ippolito Parrinello [Clarinet and Viola]

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Score and Parts

Suite for two

Composed by Ippolito Parrinello

Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

PDF download version is also available.

Program notes:

The sounds of clarinet and viola really blend together in a beautiful way and it’s amazing how little repertoire was written for this formation: this is why I wanted to write this piece and explore this interesting sound.

The suite is based on the baroque form (Allemande, Courante, Sarabande and Gigue) with the addition of a Prelude. The key of C Major is overall very calm and simple, in earlier versions of the score there were many indications for the viola to play “molto sul tasto” in order to blend better with the clarinet sound and I think this is still a good playing technique to use in this piece in order to get a better sound with the clarinet. The music should sound playful in some parts but never aggressive.

In every movement I've followed the typical character and structure of the dances but in each one of them I’ve tried to gradually break out from the usual time signature so you will find a lot of rhythmic ambiguity since many musical elements are shifted in time or overlapping bars. In the Gigue this idea is fully realized using actual time signature changes and rhythmic modulations that were inspired by 70s progressive rock.

(Ippolito Parrinello)

Reference music


Clarinet in Bb