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Departure / Ryoko Oyama [Trumpet Quintet]

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Score and Parts


For Trumpet Quintet

Composed by Ryoko Oyama

Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

PDF version is also available.

Program notes:

About the work

This piece is a revised version of a piece I composed in 2010 to perform with my friends in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Band.

At the time, they were in the middle of their training for promotion, and I composed this piece with the image of the scene of them saluting and seeing each other off, the word "Departure" at the airport boarding gate, and the blue sky on their way to their respective posts.

I hope this song will be with you when you see off the departure of your loved ones or when you leave your friends.

About the work

The tempo is almost constant throughout.

As the melody or bass note transitions to other parts, pay attention to nuance and balance so that it sounds as if one person is blowing.

The bell tones are not bouncy, but rather tenuated, as if pale paints are overlapping and the colors are getting darker and darker.

The two-beat triplet in the sixth measure of B should have Tp1 and 4 overlapping Tp2 and 3 like an echo, and if everyone can crescendo to f, you can feel the expanse.

I think it would be cool if the 16th notes and back melody that appear throughout the whole piece are played with a little more emphasis (assertiveness) than the dynamics indicated.

After the last 4 bars of 5/4, I would like you to take a slow and deep breath like yoga, and taste the sub p in the last 3 bars.

(Ryoko Oyama)

Reference music


Trumpet in Bb 1-5