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Japanese picture scroll of music for Saxophone Trio 'Kassen' / Masami Onodera [Saxophone Trio] [Score and Parts]

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Score and Parts

Japanese picture scroll of music for Saxophone Trio 'Kassen'

Composed by Masami Onodera


Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Program Note:
This song was composed in the style of a story with the image of a“Kassen”(※kassen=combat enemies and allies.)as seen in Japanese legends and anecdotes.
It's not just a scene of fighting.
There are scenes of excitement before going into battle, scenes of family members and oneself fighting against anxiety, scenes of going into battle, scenes of battle, scenes of victory and defeat...The story progresses in this way.
It is not based on any particular legend or anecdote, so it would be a good idea for everyone to try to imagine the story in their own way.
A few of the same melodies appear in different ways for different scenes. Please imagine what kind of scene each part is, and play it in a way that fits the scene.

Remarks on play:
From the beginning to B : Play with the following in mind. Where the three rhythms overlap in the same way and are dense, or where they each move in a different way, they are different expressions.
C to F : Be aware of accents.
G to H : Sing with expression.
I onward ( Except L) : Build up the tension for the final climax.
L : Pay attention to the balance of the harmonies.

(Masami Onodera)


PDF download is also available.

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