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[PDF] Five Contradanzas For Flexible Trio - Quartet + Percussion / W.A. Mozart (arr. Kouichirou Oguni) [Score and Parts]

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Five Contradanzas
For Flexible Trio - Quartet + Percussion

composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
arranged by Kouichirou Oguni


Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Program notes:

“Contradanza” is one of Spanish Dances, and also one of country dances, which are included by folk dances. “Five Contradanza”, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, may not be so famous, but, quite interesting work; for instance, No.1 is a diverted piece of “Non piu andrai, farfallone amoroso”, one of aria from “The Marriage of Figaro”.

When I was in my high school and university, I belonged to wind orchestra club, and I met many precious friends. When I write flexible ensemble works, I always hope that, “friends, instruments, and music, which you meet in bands (especially in school bands), will be your best friends for life.”
I truly hope that my flexible ensemble works will be good repertories for small bands.

Remarks on Play:

Part 4 and Percussion are optional part, and without those parts, 3 players can play this work. On the other hand, including Part 4 and Percussion, performance by more than 5 players is available. On some places, ossias of other parts are on part score, so they may be played by your choice. And;

・On original score, there are no tempo indications. Consequently, I put M.M. for your reference, but they are just for your information.

・Repeat is as you like. [Alternativo] on No.4 means “you can repeat any times you require”.
  The beginning => [Alternativo I (Repeat as you like)] => D.C. => the beginning =>
[Alternativo II (Repeat as you like)] => D.C. => the beginning =>
[Alternativo III (Repeat as you like)] => D.C. => Fine.

・Cut, excerption of each pieces, and omit of repeat are acceptable.

・Notes with brackets: Breath points, Small Notes: Ossias
  Except ossias, when notation is too high or too low on your instrument, you can change octave, according to your situations.

Notes by arranger:
On this work, cut, excerption of each pieces, omit of repeat are no problem. However, please be careful that, basically, they are in accordance with allowances of authors (composers, arrangers, publishers, etc.). When you change / arrange the original music and play, basically, you need to ask authors for allowances.
(Kouichirou Oguni)

Printed version is also available.

Reference music

Trio ver.

Quartet+percussion ver.

Part 1 C / Bb / Eb / F Instruments, Bass Clef
Part 2 C / Bb / Eb / F Instruments, Bass Clef
Part 3 C / Bb / Eb / F Instruments, Bass Clef
Part 4 (Option) C / Bb / Eb / F Instruments, Bass Clef
Percussion (Option) Snare Drum or Tambourine