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From two Piano Works by Rentarou Taki / arr. Kouichirou Oguni [Brass Quartet] [Score and Parts]

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Score and Parts

From two Piano Works by Rentarou Taki
composed by Rentarou Taki
arranged by Kouichirou Oguni


Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:color fine paper

Program notes:

Remarks on Play:
This work is on basis of two Piano works by Rentarou Taki (1879~1903), whose songs are more famous, such as “Kojo no Tsuki (The Moon over the Ruined Castle)”, “Cherry Blossoms”, and so on. However, he died when he was only 23 years old. In addition, because he died of tuberculosis, his many scores were burned, after his death. Today, 34 works are confirmed that they are his works. Some people guess that he might have composed more works, but we have no materials about his other works. And, unfortunately, those two Piano works are rarely played, now.
This work is considered that the Piano work which was written by Japanese composer, for the first time.
[Regret (Urami)]
This work is the last piece which Taki wrote before his death. I presume that the title, “Regret”, shows how he was sad about his short life, although he must have wanted to compose more works…

Remarks on Play:
On original score, there is no indication about tempo. Therefore, I put the metronome mark for your reference. Actual tempo should be depended on players.
At the beginning, [mf] is put. On the other hand, after the [mf], there is no dynamics marks to the end. Also, tempo change indications like [rit.] and [a tempo] are not put, neither. However, natural changes of dynamics and agogic should be added, according to melodies and progress of music.

Trombone can be played by Euphonium, and Tuba also can be played by Bass Trombone. And, in case that there are no Horn players, F Horn part can be played by Trumpet, using Bb Trumpet 2, which is optional part.
(Kouichirou Oguni)

PDF download is also available.

Reference music

Bb Trumpet 1 / F Horn (Option: Bb Trumpet 2) / Trombone (or Euphonium) / Tuba (or Bass Trombone)