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"Halleluja" from Oratorio "Messiah" for Flexible Quartet / Georg Friedrich Handel (arr. Kouichirou Oguni) [Score and Parts]

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Score and Parts

"Halleluja" from Oratorio "Messiah" for Flexible Quartet
composed by Georg Friedrich Handel
arranged by Kouichirou Oguni


Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:color fine paper

Program notes:

This work by Georg Friedrich Handel (1685~1759) is popular, like “Matthaus-Passion” and “Johannes-Passion” by J.S. Bach. I made this work so that it’ll be suitable for small recitals, which are casually performed.

I put tempo indications at the beginning of each Carol, but except them, I removed other marks for changing tempo (ex. Rit., Fermata), dynamics, and articulations, including slurs (legato).
This is because this work is based on Carols, in other words, “songs”.
Therefore, I would like all players to consider, “How should I sing my part score, in voice? And, by my instrument, how should I play?”.
Also, please carefully listen to other player (especially other parts), and then play comfortable music.

That is why, natural changes of dynamics and agogic should be added, according to melodies and progress of music.
Consequently, tempo indications are also general ones, and tempo of each Carol can be changed by decision of players.
(Kouichirou Oguni)

PDF download is also available.

Reference music

Instrumentation:Part. I C Inst. (T.C.)
Part. I Eb Inst. (T.C.)
Part. I Bb Inst. (T.C.)
Part. I F Inst. (T.C.)
Part. II C Inst. (T.C.)
Part. II Bb Inst. (T.C.)
Part. II Eb Inst. (T.C.)
Part. II F Inst. (T.C.)
Part. II Bass Clef (B.C.)
Part. III Bb Inst. (T.C.)
Part. III Eb Inst. (T.C.)
Part. III F Inst. (T.C.)
Part. III Bass Clef (B.C.)
Part. IV Bb Inst. (T.C.)
Part. IV Eb Inst. (T.C.)
Part. IV Bass Clef (B.C.)
Part IV F Inst.