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Norma-Ouverture / Vincenzo Bellini (arr. Vito La Paglia) [Saxophone Octet] [Score and Parts]

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Score and Parts


Composed by Vincenzo Bellini

Arranged by Vito La Paglia

Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

PDF download version is also available.

The overture to the opera "Norma" by Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini was arranged for saxophone octet by Italian saxophonist Vito La Paglia. You can find the original performance on You Tube, etc., so it would be good to refer to such performances for the timing of the breaths and tempo.

Reference music


Soprano Saxophone 1
Soprano Saxophone 2
Alto Saxophone 1
Alto Saxophone 2
Tenor Saxophone 1
Tenor Saxophone 2
Baritone Saxophone 1
Baritone Saxophone 2