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[PDF] Concerto Per Due Violini BWV 1043 3rd mov. Allegro / J.S. Bach (arr. Vito La Paglia) [Saxophone Septet] [Score and Parts]

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Score and Parts (PDF)

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Concerto Per Due Violini BWV 1043 3rd mov. Allegro

For saxophone septet

Composed by J.S. Bach

Arranged by Vito La Paglia

Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printed version is also available.

Program notes:

Double Violin Concerto in D minor is one of J. S. Bach's most famous works.
Composed between 1720 and 1730 is the only Double Violin Concerto composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Made of three Movements (Vivace, Largo ma non tanto and Allegro) is characterised by a dialogue between the soloists which never ends. In the original version of the piece the soloists are accompained by strings and basso continuo. In my arrangement none of the parts were sacrificed.
As a professional saxophone player and teacher, I arranged it knowing very well Saxophone possibilities, paying attention to saxophone characteristics, from tonal characteristics of the saxophone family to the 'playability' of the work; so, while soloists parts are demanding and very challenging, ensemble's parts are not so difficult. Another important thing was to keep the original key, I had to change some points of the piece according to the saxophone extension (a violin goes to low G, while soprano saxophone goes to a real low Ab), and had to do this always thinking in an harmonic and musical way.
I am not a big fan of transcription, but I think that this is one of the few transcriptions that gives the saxophone a good profile without lost any of his characteristics.
I really hope you and your ensemble will enjoy with this arrangement as I did.
(Vito La Paglia)

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