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The Legend of Rmdax Tasing / Ssu-Yu Huang [Flute and Percussion]

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Score and Parts

The Legend of Rmdax Tasing

Composed by Ssu-Yu Huang (黄思瑜)


Publisher:Ssu-Yu Huang / Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

Program Note:

This piece is a duet for flute and percussion which was inspired by the legend of “Rdmax Tasing”(White Stone) from the Seediq tribe in Taiwan. The music mainly describes the Seediq people hunting in the Rdmax Tasing of the Central Mountain Range. The white stone is like a lighthouse to guide the people's footsteps, so that the people will not get lost in the vast Central Mountain Range. The music uses the rhythm of percussion instruments and various flute articulations to create a hunting atmosphere, with hunting scenes such as waiting and chasing. The music ends with a long sound, which means that the “Rdmax Tasing” huge rock is the holy stone of the Seediq tribe and is admired by the tribe.
(Ssu-Yu Huang)

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