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Dark Dark Sky / Taiwanese Folk Song arr. Ssu-Yu Huang / for Flute Ensemble [Score and Parts]

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Score and Parts

Dark Dark Sky (天黒黒 )

Taiwanese Folk Song
Arranged by Ssu-Yu Huang (黄思瑜)


Publisher:Ssu-Yu Huang / Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

Program Note:

This piece is an arrangement of a popular Taiwanese folksong for the children. The lyrics describe an entertaining scene of peasant's life. A quarrel started over how to cook a catfish, as the grandpa wanted it salty and the grandma wanted it light. They kept fighting until the cooking pot was accidentally broken. The music uses counterpoints and variations of the motif to depict the story, which presents rich and colorful melodic changes.
(Ssu-Yu Huang)

Reference music (Performance : Marronier Flute Orchestra)


Flute 1 /Piccolo
Flute 2
Flute 3
Flute 4
Flute 5
Flute 6
Flute 7
Alto Flute
Bass Flute