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[PDF] Hummingbirds and The Silence / Kanehira Fujino [Clarinet Trio]

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Score and Parts (PDF)

Hummingbirds and The Silence

Composed by Kanehira Fujino


Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Program Note:

Composed around 2007 (my memory is vague, so it may not be accurate). I made some revisions to the piece when it was published.
It depicts two hummingbirds frolicking in a quiet nature as they chat. The two B♭ clarinets are each a hummingbird and the bass clarinet is the quiet nature around them.
Perhaps they are far from human habitation, but there are no clear images. Nature may be a large dead tree, but it could be the windless surface of the water, or it could be the nectar-bearing flowers they prefer.
(Kanehira Fujino)

Reference music


Bb Clarinet 1-2
Bb Bass Clarinet