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"Portrait of Juliet" for Flute Quartet / Mari Miura [Flute Quartet or Quintet] [Score and Parts]

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Original or English Title:"Portrait of Juliet" for Flute Quartet/ Quintet after Shakespear's "Romeo and Juliet"

Composer: Mari Miura

Duration : 9'50"

Difficulty : 3

Publisher : Rocket Music

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Program notes :

"Portrait of Juliet" is based on "Romeo and Juliet" by the famous William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Perhaps everyone has read it once, but when composing this time, I tried to spotlight Juliet.
Juliet, who fell in love with Romeo in the fight, Verona's famous Montagu family and Capulette family. It is a story of a darling maiden Juliet who is trying to keep love all the time in the absurdity of the world.
This work was commissioned by fruitist Mari Nakano. (The original song is the flute orchestra) This time, I wrote and corrected the flute quartet / quintet.
(Mari Miura)


Flute 1
Flute 2
Flute 3
Flute 4
Option Flute 5 / Piccolo