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Emergence / Man-Ching Donald Yu / for A.Sax, Violin & Piano [Score and Parts]

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Score and Parts

Composed by Donald Man-Ching Yu (余文正)

For A.Sax, Violin & Piano


Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

Program Notes :
Emergence is inspired by the series of artworks titled Emergence painted by modern Chinese artist Le Guo. The artworks reflects internal meditative and contemplative states in which lines and colors are suspended in space and time, and yet contrasts between colored materials are so apparent that rhythmic tensions between different elements arise. The music begins with sparing gestures in which tones are more often suspended through time until vanishing. After suspending in the quiet section, another section follows which are rather contrasting and agitated in character, implicating the dramatic gesture of “emergence” in the artworks. Each layer demonstrates substantial independency, implicating the differences of time and space that are suspended in the painting. The central section even becomes more meditative and spiritual and some impressionistic elements are involved. The last section recapitulates the second section which is shaped by gradual dramatic gestures, and rhythmic tensions arise as if implicated in the artworks. The music fades out in an extreme high register.

Reference music:( In this recording, the performer is using a clarinet instead of a saxophone.)

Score Sample:


Alto Saxophone