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Today's Pick Up : Je te veux / Satie (arr. Ken'ichi Masakado)

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I will be introducing some Golden Hearts Publications piece per week.

Please give me a few moments of your time!

Here's today's piece.

Je te veux / Erik Satie (arr. Ken'ichi Masakado) [Concert Band (Wind Band)]

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Program notes :

Erik Satie (1866~1925) is a composer who succeeded in Paris, from the end of 19th Century to the beginning of 20th Century. They say that he had an influence not only to Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel who were also composers in France, but also western music, entirely. Because of his free style on compositions, and his suggestion on music (not only just appreciating as works of art), he is called a “maverick of music”, and he composed many works for the piano. “Je te veux” is one of his most famous works, like “Gymnopedies”. Originally, this work was composed as a chanson for Paulette Darty, who was called “La Reine des Valses lentes”, in 1990 (lyric was by Henry Pacory). Later, Satie released for a solo piano, by himself.

This arrangement is on basis of a solo piano version. Respecting the “frame” of music by Satie, I integrated with Jazz style, everywhere, and aimed for an arrangement like show music. At that time, I imaged, “If Satie was influenced by Jazz......?”. (But, at the era when “Je te veux” was composed, Jazz had not still been established, as a style of music.)

(Ken'ichi Masakado)

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