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Brasilia / Kyoiciro Kori [Trombone] [CD]

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Original or Foreign Title:Brasilia

Player:Kyoiciro Kori, Trombone
Hiroko Hayashi, Piano

Label:Pro Arte Musicae

Release year:2011

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Song List:

[1] Robin Dewhurst : Brasilia

Jean-Michel Defaye : Deux Danses
[2] Danse Sacree
[3] Danse Profane

[4] Sergei Rachmaninov : Elegie

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi : Sinfonia
[5] Andante
[6] Allegro con brio
[7] Adagio
[8] Allegro

[9] Dick Lieb : Song and Dance

[10] Roger Boutry : Capriccio

[11] Joseph-Guy Ropartz : Piece en mi bemol mineur

[12] Philip Sparke : Song for Ina

[13] Blue Bells of Scotland

[14] ammy Nestico : Reflective Mood

[15] Richard Carpenter, John Bettis & Albert Hammond : I Need To Be In Love

[16] Eric Cook : Bolivar