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Brass Quintet Dragon Quest I & II [Brass Quintet] [CD]

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Brass Quintet Dragon Quest I & II
Player :
Tokyo Metropolitan Brass Quintet

Label:Octavia records

Release Year : 2024

The "Dragon Quest" series of brass quintets performed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Brass Quintet is widely popular, especially among wind instrumentalists, for both sheet music and CDs. The arrangements by TMBQ members Atsushi Takahashi and Hiroyuki Odagiri, authorized by the composer Koichi Sugiyama, are special arrangements that bring out the charm of the music and the enjoyment of the brass ensemble. The new arrangement has been recompiled with new recordings from the original sound sources released in 2006. The songs are familiar and exciting to listen to. This CD can be enjoyed by "Dragon Quest" fans and anyone who enjoys the game, even if they have not played the game.