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NASOTA / Hidenori Arai / [Euphonium] [CD]

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Hidenori Arai, Euphonium
Hatsumi Shimizu, Piano

Label:opus55 LLC

Release year:2017

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from label:
The up-and-coming euphonium player, Hidenori Arai's first album. Spacious tone, outstanding technique, rich musicality are all included in this album. From the composer Yasuhide Ito's liner notes: "Look at this full-hearted album, which contains a wealth of music that surpasses cellos and songs. In addition, it has all the characteristics of a euphonium The songs that he composed and performed are shining. I want to be pleased with the birth of a piece that will further expand the world of euphonium. "

from Golden Hearts Publications Global Store:

The first album released by Hidenori Arai in 2017.
In addition to the works of Bach, Faure, Schumann and Yasuhide Ito, three songs by Arai himself are also included.

Euphonium, like other brass instruments, has many differences depending on the player, so it is one of the fun instruments to listen to variously. Mr. Arai's performance is an impression of "a light narrative."

Whether it's his own work or another composer's work, it's more like "speaking" than "singing". I guess it's technically quite difficult, but it's a performance that tells you how it is at a distance close to the listener in any piece. It's like a poetry reading one-on-one.

It is noteworthy that the quality of his own work is quite high, especially in "NASOTA", which is also the album title for his first song, and he can fully enjoy various expressions and techniques. The exchange with the pianist Hatsumi Shimizu is just fine. "Umi no Uta" is a beautiful piece with a melody and the score is also popular (it's a really nice song, weeping).

Delicate and bold. Gentle and powerful. An album full of energy and passion, with a combination of strength and flexibility. Euphonium lovers should buy without hesitation!

The disc design is so cool, so please look forward to it!

(txt. Shuhei Umemoto)


Hidenori Arai / Euphonium
Hidenori Arai is very active as a freelance Euphonium player, performing as soloist and ensemble player as well as guest player in orchestras and wind bands.
He is principal euphonium player of “Brass Band Xepher”, member of “FUNKARU” (Euphonium Tuba Quartet) and “Bottoms Up Euphonium Tuba Quartet”.
He also composes, particularly for the euphonium and tuba which are instruments he is familiar with.
He currently serves as lecturer at Senzoku-Gakuen College of Music and executive director of the Japan Euphonium Tuba Association.
He graduated from Senzoku-Gakuen College of Music with highest honors - at the top of all classes. He studied with Kaoru Tsuyuki, Michio Funakoshi and Tetsuya Otsuka.
Prizes include 3rd prize at the 5th Jeju International Brass Competition, 3rd prize at the 26th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition and 1st prize at the 7th Tsuken Concours. And he performed at several concerts by selected musicians in Japan including Yomiuri Newcomer Concert and JMC Concert.
As an artist and an educator, he also appears on many festivals, academies and conferences including “Asia Tuba Euphonium Festival” 2016 in South Korea / 2017 in Hong Kong / 2018 in South Korea and “International Tuba Euphonium Conference 2019” in Iowa.
As a composer, in 2012, he was commissioned by the Japan Euphonium Tuba Association (JETA) to compose a required piece “Sonata for Tuba and Piano with Prologue" for the 2nd J.E.T.A. Student Competition.
He released two CDs; “Nasota” in 2017 and “Changing Weather” in 2019.

Song List:

NASOTA - Sonata for Euphonium and Piano No.1:Hidenori Arai
1. 1 Allegro [4:26] →audio
2. 2 Moderato [3:24] →audio
3. 3 Rondo [3:56]  →audio

4. Prologue (Aria from "Goldberg Variation" : J.S. Bach) - Daybreak at Midnight:Hidenori Arai [5:52] →audio

5. Sicilienne op.78 : Gabriel Faure [3:44] →audio

Fantasiestucke op.73 : Robert Schumann
6. 1 Zart und mit Ausdruck [3:12] →audio
7. 2 Lebhaft, leicht [3:18] →audio
8. 3 Rasch und mit Feuer [4:09] →audio

9. Traumerei : Robert Schumann [2:59] →audio

Sonate fur Euphonium und Klavier:Yasuhide Ito
10. 1 Andante mosso, come il tempo di prima sonata per violoncello di Brahms [7:49] →audio
11. 2 Molto adagio [4:39] →audio
12. 3 Allegro vivace [3:52] →audio

13. Umi no Uta:Hidenori Arai [3:58] →audio →sheet music

14. For You:Hidenori Arai - Epilogue (Aria from "Goldberg Variation" : J.S. Bach) [7:10] →audio