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The Second Ballade / Tetsuo Kawakami [Concert Band] [Score and Parts]

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■Original or English Title:The Second Ballade

■Composer:Tetsuo Kawakami


■Publisher:Tokyo Hustle Copy

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Flute 1,2
Oboe 1,2
Bassoon 1,2

Eb Clarinet
Bb Clarinet 1,2,3
Eb Alto Clarinet
Bb Bass Clarinet

Eb Alto Saxophone 1,2
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone Saxophone

Bb Trumpet 1,2,3,4
F Horn 1,2,3,4
Trombone 1,2,3
Bass Trombone

String Bass

Percussion 1
(Cymbals / Suspended Cymbal / Tambourine / Triangle / Wind Chime)

Percussion 2
(Snare Drum / Bass Drum)

Percussion 3
(Vibraphone / Glockenspiel / Xylophone)