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Oneness / Man-Ching Donald Yu [Flute & Piano]

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Score & Parts

Composed by Donald Man-Ching Yu (余文正)

For alto flute & piano


Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

Program Notes :
Oneness is a theological concept implicating that God is the only single entity in the universe, being without any parts. Yet, the concept of oneness is full of divine simplicity which traverses through time and space infinitely. The piece begins with tone D and ends in tone A and for most of the time, various consonant intervallic materials are superimposed with each other throughout the whole piece. Most importantly, ostinato figures most often juxtapose with static consonant tones for generating substantial tone colors in different registers during the course of the piece. Generally speaking, minimalistic techniques are employed in the piece for expressing the concept of oneness.

Reference music

Score Sample:


Alto Flute (or Flute)