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[PDF] Sougaku for Koto / Shion Sahara [Koto Solo]

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Sougaku for Koto

Composed by Shion Sahara

Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Program notes:

This is a piece for solo koto accompanied by singing, commissioned by koto player Miki Yamamizu at her recital in 2018. Hearing that she wanted a cheerful music with voice, we searched for some poems together. She chose "Sougaku" from Shuntaro Tanikawa's collection of poems, "Letters". After receiving Tanikawa's permission to use the poem, we began composing, and were overwhelmed by the breadth of the poetry and music contained in the poem.

In my composition "Sougaku," one person breathes into a single instrument and plays a variety of music, including Western, Eastern, and contemporary music. The first half of the piece imitates each section of the orchestra, with the brass instruments playing fanfares (ceremonial flourishes) in the "Golden Instruments," the flute virtuosos (technical passages) in the "Silver Instruments," the oboes weaving d'amore (affectionate songs) in the "Wooden Instruments," and the "Flesh Instruments" playing discordant The "Flesh Instrument" has a dissonant "Appassionato" (passionate musical idea). After these four movements, the music waits for breath, and finally, like a pipe organ looking up at the wind, it resonates deeply in the space of the hall.

(Shion Sahara)

*This piece is accompanied by singing in Japanese. The instructions on the score are also in Japanese. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

Printed version is also available.

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13-stringed koto