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Invenzione a due voci / Ippolito Parrinello [Piano]

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Score and Parts

Invenzione a due voci (Two Part Invention)

Composed by Ippolito Parrinello

Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

PDF download version is also available.

Program notes:

This piece was inspired by baroque’s keyboard music. It is based on the counterpoint of the two voices but I wanted to focus more on the effects created by overlapping and crossing between the two voices (hands) and in the final part I’ve used the sostenuto pedal (middle pedal) to achieve a very special kind of resonance. Indications on the score are minimal so the players can have a good amount of freedom to develop their own phrasing and dynamics, the use of all three pedals should be very precise though.

(Ippolito Parrinello)

Reference music