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Monologue for Solo Euphonium (1. Darkness / 2. Rondeau) / Ken'ichi Masakado [Euphonium Solo]

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Score and Parts

Monologue for Solo Euphonium

Composed by Ken'ichi Masakado (正門研一)
1. Darkness 3'00"
2. Rondeau 4'10"

Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

Program notes:

This is an adaptation of a work for trombone solo composed in 2000, consisting of four small pieces, each of which is a separate work.

“Monologue 1: Darkness" is the second song of the original. This is the monologue of a man who wanders into the darkness in a dream. Although it is a twelve-note sequence, I dared to use many intervals of 4 or 5 degrees in the basic sequence. I hope that you will feel the "light" in this work.
(Duration : ca. 3 min.)

“Monologue 2: Rondeau" is the third song of the original. This is the monologue of a man who, in a dream, wanders into a mysterious world of Dance. It is a simple, refrain and couplet composition. The second couplet (from bar 77) quotes the melody of Honegger's Nocturne in alto saxophone.
(Duration : ca. 4’10”)

The two works can be performed alone or in succession.

(Ken'ichi Masakado)

Reference music
Player:Yoh Imamura
Recording date:April 12, 2020


The following parts are included.

Euphonium in C
Euphonium in Bb (T.C)