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The Imagery of Luan Tan (亂彈意象) / Ssu-Yu Huang [Piano]

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Composed by Ssu-Yu Huang (黄思瑜)


Publisher:Ssu-Yu Huang / Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

Program Note:

This piece is for piano solo, inspired by the impression of Taiwanese opera Luantan. Taiwan Beiguan Luantan used wind and percussion as the main performance form, and it is also widely popular in temple fairs, ceremonies, parade, weddings and funerals. The first part of the music mainly expresses the emotional tension of rubato singing, and the middle part used the difference in rhythm and the stacking of harmonic levels to interpret the lively and cheerful atmosphere of playing gongs and drums.

(Ssu-Yu Huang)

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