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The Bell / Mizuki Aita [Percussion Quintet]

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Score and Parts

Composed by Mizuki Aita (會田瑞樹)


Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

Program notes:

Commissioned work for Shiogama-City Third Junior High School Wind Orchestra, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. The piece is a freely conceived variation on the rhythm of the Hatse-bushi, a folk song from Shiogama. The "Bell," which was discovered during a visit to the Third Junior High School, was positioned as an important musical instrument. I composed this piece with the hope that the "bell of encounter" will ring out over the sea and open up new prospects for the future, in a life of repeated encounters and partings. Dedicated to Shiogama-City Third Junior High School Wind Orchestra. (Mizuki Aita)

PDF download is also available for this work.

Reference music

Instrumentation (Parts included in the set):
1. Vibraphone,S.Cym
2. Xylophone,S.Cym
3. Marimba.S.Cym
4. Percussion 1(4TomToms,S.Cym)
5. Percussion 2(Bell,4TomToms,S.Cym)