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A Circumnavigation of "Biwako" Lake / Chiaki Yoshida (arr. Mizuki Aita) [Vibraphone Solo]

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Score and Parts

A Circumnavigation of "Biwako" Lake -Ode to the Memory of my Grandfather-

For Vibraphone Solo

Composed by Chiaki Yoshida
Arranged by Mizuki Aita (會田瑞樹)

Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

Program notes:

My Grandfather, Takanobu Terada, was a scholar of Oriental History, and loved music. After the death of him, now I recognized how he was great, in my memory of travels and attractive dishes with him. One of his masterpieces, “Stories ? Chinese History” (CentralReview Publishing) is still continued to be read by many people to learn Chinese history.

My Grandfather would like me to go on the way of “Study”, so I still remember his disappointed expression, when I told him that I would go on the way of “Music”.
However, I know he supported me secretly. And, my appreciation of his support and memory with him are connected to this work; A Circumnavigation of “Biwako” Lake.
This song was composed for Boat Circle of the “Third High School” (present “Kyoto University”), and kept sung by students. My Grand father always sang this song when he was drinking. When I was little, I didn’t understand the meaning of lyrics.
But, I know that this song is his favorite, in my memory. With a remembrance, I tried to arrange and play this work by the Vibraphone. And, in the Autumn of 2014, I played this work at my Vibraphone recital, firstly, and then, continued to play this work in many events.

In the Winter of 2019, Shuhei Umemoto (Mr.) asked me about publishing of the work. I didn’t write the score, because I had no idea about publishing of this work. So, I tried to write the score of this work, one by one, and it was quite interesting. Therefore, I know that Kouichirou Oguni (Mr.), a Proofreader of musical score, worked on this piece, hardly, for publishing.
I really appreciate their support for publishing of this work.

Remarks on play:
Performance of comfortable theme is depended on a player. I would like you to play, considering the meaning, and landscapes of this work. Also, it is important to play with your feeling. The Score shows my image of music very well, and each Variations also shows it. And, in performance, please listen to the sound and changes of harmonies, and then bring out the attractiveness of this work.

I presume that if my Grandfather saw the score, he would say, “I have no idea that my name is on the Score!” with smiling.

(Mizuki Aita)

PDF download is also available for this work.

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