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Improvisation for Vibraphone -Dedicated to Mr. Shoichi Yabuta- / Mizuki Aita [Vibraphone Solo]

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Score and Parts

Improvisation for Vibraphone -Dedicated to Mr. Shoichi Yabuta-

For Vibraphone Solo

Composed by Mizuki Aita (會田瑞樹)

Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

Program notes:

In 2018, Shoichi Yabuta celebrated my 30th year and presented a snare drum solo song called “Aita”. In return, this work is an "Improvisation" composed in about 1 hour in Nozomi 343, which was on the move on August 17, 2019, on the day of the 36th birthday of Shoichi Yabuta.

“It's good to try to imitate the technique of a composer in one of the ways to learn composition, that is, to learn,” said Dr. Michio Mamiya. I express my appreciation for the music time that I had done with Mr. Yabuta, and I express my utmost respect for Mr. Yabuta's style. Based on Mr. Yabuta's 36th birthday, it is composed of 36 measures, followed by a time signature of 1/4, 2/4, which also represents Mr. Yabuta's life. In other words, I will compose 37/4, the 37th measure in 2020. This is a work that suggests a dialogue between composer and performer.  The composition is based on the image that 1/4 is 1-year-old Mr. Yabuta, 2/4 is 2-year-old. It was a long time ago when I met him, so I wrote it with my imagination, but during childhood I focused on listening to the reverberation. Adolescents are particularly silent, and he continue to grope for who he is, and express his youthful passion with vigorous phrases for adolescents. I hope it will serve as a concert etude for vibraphone. I hope this work will lead to the performance of Mr. Yabuta’s works.

(Mizuki Aita)

PDF download is also available for this work.

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