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La Fiesta Mexicana / Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra [Concert Band] [CD]

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■Original or Foreign Title:La Fiesta Mexicana

■Conductor:Kazumasa Watanabe

■Player: Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra

■Label: Fontec

■Release year:2014

■Delivery date:Received in our store in about 3 to 5 business days

■Song List:

1. Overture for a Special Occasion:Philip Sparke [8:02]

2. Symphonic Essay:James Barnes [7:30]

On the Shoulders of Giants - Concerto for Brass, Wind and Percussion:Peter Graham
3. I. Fanfare [5:50]
4. II. Elegy [6:02]
5. III. Fantasie Brillante [5:58]

Second Suite in F Flat for Military Band:Gustav Holst
6. I. March [4:58]
7. II. Song without Words "I'll love my Love" [2:22]
8. III. Song of the Blacksmith [1:18]
9. IV. Fantasia on the "Dargason" [3:02]

La Fiesta Mexicana:Herbert Owen Reed
10. I. Prelude and Aztec Dance [9:43]
11. II. Mass [6:48]
12. III. Carnival [6:29]

13. Irish Tune from County Derry:Percy Grainger [4:16]

14. The Stars and Stripes Forever:John Philip Sousa [3:57]