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Marche des Parachutistes Belges / Japan Ground Self Defense Force Central Band [Concert Band] [CD / SACD Hybrid]

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■Original or Foreign Title:Marche des Parachutistes Belges

■Conductor:Akira Takeda

■Player: Japan Ground Self Defense Force Central Band

■Label: Fontec

■Release year:2012

■Delivery date:Received in our store in about 3-5 business days

■Song List:

1. Marche des Parachutistes Belges:Pierre Leemans (arr. Charles A. Wiley)

2. Le pere de la victoire:Louis Ganne (arr. Charles J. Roberts)

3. Suite algerienne IV. Marche militaire francaise:Camille Saint-Saens (arr. Daniel Godfrey)

4. A Moorside Suite: III. March:Gustav Holst (arr. Gordon Jacob)

5. The Vanished Army:Kenneth J. Alford

6. Zum Stadtel hinaus:Georg Meissner

7. Bayerischer Defiliermarsch:Adolf Scherzer (arr. Otto Zurmuhle)

8. Unter dem Doppeladler:Josef Franz Wagner (arr. Louis-Philippe Laurendeau)

9. La Fedelissima:Luigi Cirenei

10. The Circus Bee:Henry Fillmore

11. Washington Grays:Claudio S. Grafulla (arr. Siegfried Rundel)

12. In Storm and Sunshine:John Clifford Heed

13. Hands Across the Sea:John Philip Sousa (arr. Keith Brion and Loras Schissel)

14. The Stars and Stripes Forever:John Philip Sousa (arr. Keith Brion and Loras Schissel)

15. Our Homeland:Tsuneya Tanabe

16. March, "REIMEI" (Morgenrood):Toshiro Mayuzumi

17. March Ozora:Yosaku Suma

18. Defile de L'Arme Japonaise:Charles Leroux