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Fantasy On Osaka Folk Tunes / Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band [Concert Band] [CD]

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■Original or Foreign Title:Fantasy On Osaka Folk Tunes

■Conductor:Shigeo Genda

■Player: Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band

■Label: Fontec

■Release year:2011

■Delivery date:Received in our store in about 3 to 5 business days

■Song List:

1. St. Anthony Variations:William Hill

2. Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral:Richard Wagner (arr. Lucien Cailliet)

3. Fantasy on Osaka Folk Tunes:Hiroshi Ohguri

4. A Song of the Sea:Rex Mitchell

Variations on a Korean Folk Song:John Barnes Chance
5. Variation 1: Con moto
6. Variation 2: Vivace
7. Variation 3: Larghetto
8. Variation 4: Allegro con brio
9. Variation 4: Sostenuto
10. Variation 4: Con islancio

11. Symphonic Movement:Vaclav Nelhybel

Armenian Dances:Alfred Reed
12. Part I: I. The Apricot Tree
13. Part I: II. The Partridge's Song
14. Part I: III. Hoy, My Nazan
15. Part I: IV. Alagyaz
16. Part I: V. Go, Go

17. Disco Kid:Osamu Shouji

18. The Sun Will Rise Again:Philip Sparke