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On the Mall -the best of Marches- / Japan Ground Self Defense Force Central Band [Concert Band] [CD]

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■Original or Foreign Title:On the Mall -the best of Marches-

■Conductor:Akira Takeda

■Player: Japan Ground Self Defense Force Central Band

■Label: Fontec

■Release year:2010

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■Song List:

1. On the Mall:Edwin Franko Goldman (arr. M.L. Lake)

2. 1941 The March:John Williams (arr. Paul Lavender)

3. Block M:Jerry Bilik

4. Semper Fidelis:John Philip Sousa (arr. Keith Brion and Loras Schissel)

5. Army of the Nile:Kenneth J. Alford

6. Knightsbridge March:Eric Coates

7. The Mountbatten March:Francis Vivian Dunn

8. Marche lorraine:Louis Ganne

9. Le regiment de Sambre-et-Meuse:Robert Planquette / Joseph Francois Rauski (arr. Willy Hautvast)

10. Einzug der Gladiatoren (The Entry of the Gladiators):Julius Fucik (arr. Walter Tuschla)

11. Hoch Heidecksburg:Rudolph Herzer (arr. Richard Hubert)

12. Mit Schwert und Lanze (With Sword and Lance):Hermann Starke (arr. Siegfried Rundel)

13. Alte Kameraden (Old Comrades):Carl Teike (arr. Seijun Mimura)

14. Tankists' March:Semeon Tchernetsky

15. 運動員進行曲:呉光瑞/李明秀/賈双

16. Cobalt Blue Sky March:Raymond Hattori

17. Warship March, "Gunkan March":Tokichi Setoguchi

18. Grand March, "Celebration":Ikuma Dan

19. Olympic March : Yuji Koseki (revise.Toshiaki Matsuki)