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Fantasia La Traviata / Akiko Kageyama [Clarinet] [CD]

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■Original or English Title:Fantasia La Traviata

■Player:Akiko Kageyama : Clarinet
Satoshi Kawauchi : Piano


■Release year:2017

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■Song List:

1-3. Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano : Joseph Horovitz [12:50]

4. Premiere Rhapsodie pour Clarinet en Sib : Claude Debussy [7:50]

5. Fantasia da Concerto su motivi "La Traviata" : Giuseppe Verdi (arr. Donato Lovreglio) [11:05]

6-8. Sonata fur Klarinette und Klavier Es-dur Op.120 Nr.2 : Johannes Brahms [7:50]

9-11. Fantasiestucke Op.73 : Robert Schumann [11:10]

12. 5 Leader Op.105-1 "Wie Melodien zieht es mir" : Johannes Brahms [2:10]