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illumination / Norie Sano [Alto & Tenor Saxophone] [CD]

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Norie Sano, Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Kenji Kanemasu, Piano
Tadasuke, Piano

Label: Florestan

Release year:2012

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The second album of Norie Sano, a saxophone player active in the Arion Saxophone Quartet and Nagoya Academic Winds.

Although it is a light-themed album, the shadows associated with the light are well expressed.

It is a very expressive performance, with a smile that makes you happy, a tear that makes you cry, and a forward look.

Perhaps it is logically considered as an approach to music, but the performance is emotional and will soon be attracted to Norie's world.

You can feel various emotional expressions in the album, and it is one that is full of humanity and a polite approach to study.

This CD is recommended not only for core saxophone fans, but also for those who have just started playing saxophone.

(Shuhei Umemoto, Golden Hearts Publications / ONSA)

Norie Sano

Born in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Arts.

Passed the 7th "Shizuoka Masters" audition. Since 2005, She has held recitals for the solo and the Arion Saxophone Quartet throughout Japan. She also performed with Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra as a soloist.

She studied saxophone with Takaaki Ikeda, Hideno Nakajima, Masato Kumoi, Mamoru Nakata, and chamber music with Shiro Murata, Ryohei Nakagawa, and Satoshi Sugawara.

Representative of Nagoya Academic Winds.

Arion saxophone quartet and tenor saxophone player of Ichinomiya City Fire Department.

A member of the Koedo Wind Ensemble.

She is a member of CBDNA (National College of Music Orchestra Leaders).

Contemporary Japanese music and flute third class teacher.

Part-time lecturer at Kinjo Gakuin University.

Part-time lecturer at Nagoya College of Music.

Song List:

1. Candlelelight Carol : John Rutter

Light of Sothis : Amy Quate
2. I. Grace
3. II. Passion
4. III. Faith

Perfume : Kenji Kanemasu
5. Lavender
6. Ylang-ylang
7. Rosewood

8. Fantasy : Sawako Yamazato

9. Romance : Claude Debussy

10. illumination : Tadasuke

11. Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix : Charles Camille Saint-Saens