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Works of Itaru Sakai / Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra [Wind Band]

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■Title : Works of Itaru Sakai

■Conductor : Takeshi Ooi

■Player : Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
Flute : Misato Takimoto ([2]-[4])
Oboe : Kaede Yamamoto ([2]-[4])
Bassoon : Asami Kakinuma ([2]-[4])

■Label : CAFUA

■Release year : 2024

■Included songs:

[1] The Seventh Night of July (early version)

 Ichigo Concerto for Flute, Oboe, Bassoon and Band (Op.198)
[2] 1. Allegro grottesco
[3] 2. Andantino
[4] 3. Allegro assai

[5] One hundred forty eight Eyes (Op.162)

[6] Legacy of the Woods (Op.64)

[7] Cassini's Grand Finale (Op.181)

[8] The Seventh Night of July -TANABATA- (Op.7)