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Snow On The River / Ssu-Yu Huang [Piano]

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Snow On The River

Composed by Ssu-Yu Huang (黄思瑜)


Publisher:Ssu-Yu Huang / Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

Program Note:

The piano solo piece was inspired by a classic Chinese poem by Liu
Zong-Yuan (773-819 AD), an important writer of the Tang Dynasty. He and Han
Yu (768-824 AD) were the only two writers from the Tang Dynasty included in
the Eight Elites of Tang-Song's Classical Proses. Liu Zong-Yuan held a
prominent position in the Imperial Government in Changan. But in 805 the
political reform movement that he supported failed. He was demoted and exiled
to Yongzhou, Hunan. Later he was exiled further south and became the
governor of Liuzhou, Guangxi. “Snow on the River” was written when he was in
Yongzhou. The poem depicted the bitter but beautiful scene on a snowy winter
day. The old man fishing on a snowy river against all odds was a metaphor of
his own struggle against corrupted politicians.

Snow on the River (Liu Zong-Yuan, 773-819 AD, Tang Dynasty)

Not a bird in a thousand hills.
Not a soul on ten thousand trails.
An old man on a raft in straw quilts
Fishes alone with snowy chills.

(Ssu-Yu Huang)

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