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Yearning / Ssu-Yu Huang [Piano]

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Composed by Ssu-Yu Huang (黄思瑜)


Publisher:Ssu-Yu Huang / Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:Color fine paper

Program Note:

“In southern lands the red bean tree grows. It sprouts when the vernal breeze blows. Pick the red beans with your hands filled. Your yearning for love will be fulfilled. ” This poem - written by a Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei (699-761 AD, China) - was the inspiration of this piece. The heart-shaped red beans are the seeds of Adenanthera pavonina, which is a tree growing in the southern part of China and South Asia. The poet extended the nostalgic thoughts on red beans to admiration and yearning for friends far away. Structured on the basis of fifth interval, the music proceeds with variations on the inversions. The motif frequently reappears to express the persistent yearning and expectation for friendship.
(Ssu-Yu Huang)

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