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[PDF] The 12 Ave Maria for Solo Instrument (unaccompanied version) / arr. Kouichirou Oguni [Part score book]

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Part score book(PDF)

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The 12 Ave Maria for Solo Instrument (unaccompanied version)

composer : V.A.
arranged by Kouichirou Oguni


Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:color fine paper

Printed version is also available.

Program notes:

“Ave Maria” is Latin for Hail Mary, a traditional Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox prayer calling for the intercession of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Many composers have written songs, on basis of the prayer texts, which start by “Ave Maria”. In 2020, because of COVID-19, we cannot keep our musical activities such as concerts, contests, etc. I discussed with Mr. Shuhei Umemoto, a representative of ONSA, what we can do for something giving peace. Conclusively, we decided to arrange “The 12 Ave Maria for Solo Instrument”.

On this work, I was particular about collecting 12 pieces. They say that “12” also means “future”, “keep believing”, and so on. Anywhere in the world, “12” is often used; for instance, one year is consisted of 12 months. Or, on astrology, calendar…
On a symbol of praying, “Ave Maria”, I tried to combine the invisible power of “12”.

To work on this work, Mr. Shuhei Umemoto gave me a plan, and many ideas and advices. Also, my friends who play wind instruments advised me about the features of each instrument. And, Yutaro Ishihara, who is famous as a musicologist, a composer, and an arranger, kindly told me the about the work by Anton Bruckner. Thanks to their kind support for me, I could arrange this work.
(Kouichirou Oguni)

1. Jacob Arcadelt
2. Franz Schubert
3. Franz Liszt
4. J.S. Bach, C. Gounod
5. Cesar Franck
6. Anton Bruckner
7. Luigi Luzzi
8. Camille Saint-Saens
9. Antonin Dvorak
10. Gabriel Faure
11. Francesco Tosti
12. Pietro Mascagni

Instrumentation (Sales Type)
solo instrument only
1. Piccolo
2. Flute
3. Oboe
4. Eb Clarinet
5. Bb Clarinet
6. Eb Alto Clarinet
7. Bb Bass Clarinet
8. Bassoon
9. English Horn
10. Bb Soprano or Tenor Saxophone
11. Eb Alto Saxophone
12. Eb Baritone Saxophone
13. Bb Trumpet (or Cornet, Flugelhorn)
14. F French Horn
15. Trombone or Euphonium (B.C.)
16. Bass Trombone
17. Tuba (B.C.)
18. Contrabass
[ World Parts ]
19. Bb Baritone, Trombone, or Euphonium (T.C.)
20. Eb Horn
21. Es Tuba (T.C.)
22. Bb Tuba (T.C.)

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