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INTRADA / Ken'ichi Masakado [Concert Band (Wind Band)]

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Salutation : INTRADA
Composed by Ken'ichi Masakado (正門研一)


Publisher:Golden Hearts Publications(ONSA)

Printing Material:
DX ver. : Biotope for score (B4 size), color fine paper for parts
Regular Ver. : Color fine paper for score (B4 size) and parts

Program notes:

It was composed in autumn 2002 in response to a request from the wind band I belonged to at the time for a piece that could be used for the opening of a concert.

This piece was strongly influenced by the American brass band music I was familiar with at the time and may not have been more than a 'study', but it certainly led to 'in Just-', Prelude for Band in 2003 and 'Salutation', An Occasional March in 2004(both published by Golden Hearts Publications). It certainly led to the motifs and melodies used in this piece would have a major influence on my later works. For me, this piece was the 'music of beginnings' in that sense.

Although the piece is less than three minutes long, I made several attempts to revise it after its premiere. During this time, I would particularly like to mention the useful advice I received from Dr. James Ripley, former President of WASBE, mainly about orchestration.

 (Ken'ichi Masakado)

Reference music

Flutes 1&2
Oboes 1&2
Bassoons 1&2
Clarinet in Eb
Clarinet in Bb 1
Clarinet in Bb 2
Clarinet in Bb 3
Alto Clarinet in Eb
Bass Clarinet in Bb
Alto Saxophone in Eb 1
Alto Saxophone in Eb 2
Tenor Saxophone in Bb
Baritone Saxophone in Eb
Trumpet in Bb 1
Trumpet in Bb 2
Trumpet in Bb 3
Horn in F 1&2
Horn in F 3&4
Trombone 1
Trombone 2
Trombone 3
Euphoniums 1&2
Basses (div.)
Double Bass
Percussion (5 players)
・Snare Drum
・Bass Drum
・Cymbals & Suspended Cymbal
・Triangle & Tambourine

*Omission of instruments is permitted in this work for small bands.